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Technology and its quality satisfies. Just management doesn't. Expert in management plus technology is rare. But you've just found an option by visiting this site.

Over 30 years growing expert in information technology. Driver of effective innovation platforms

Over 20 years self employed. Engagements in large operations. Interim Management.

Over 15 years expert in telecommunication, their stacks and services.

Experienced a rare opportunity: Trained by a successful founder of a company, who sells their products worldwide by Cincom Sysztems, Cincinnati, OH, United-States of America (I was present in Cincom's HQ witnessing the first landing of the Concorde on Cincinnatis airport in Kentucky), because I was the head of the development of all printing related software parts of MANTEXT, a very famous software product and intelligent text processing system for all kind of computers including mainframes).

Member of the early adopters of Microsofts Windows NT, porting all the relevant mainframe software towards the windows world, first solution provider of StarDivision, the inventors of today's OpenOffice (LibreOffice), and as Cincom says in their company communication: Lots of firsts in the world of information technology.

Founder of several companies related either to eCommerce, to team progress ot related to telecommunications as for instance a mobile virtual network operator.

International project leader. Member of DDIM, Germany's leading national platform for professional interim management and associated agency services.

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